Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering 5 years ago

Pict: the kids in 2001

Spent the morning watching CNN's internet stream rebroadcast of their 2001 Sept 11 coverage. It was strange how naive everyone was, thinking for so long that it was an accident. I forgot how long it took to put it all together. It was still pretty horrifying to watch. Kate and Zack each spent a little time in my office watching a bit of the coverage. As soon as they stopped in I let them know that it wasn't happening right now and if it was upsetting that they didn't need to watch, but they took it very in stride. They don't remember a world where this sort of attack doesn't happen and I think that's one of the reasons it's not quite a shocking to them. I'm sure they also don't fully grasp the big picture but they look at it like I look at Pearl Harbor--oh, that's terrible but not OMG I can't believe it.

I also forgot that Katie Couric was the main anchor for NBC's coverage since it happened during the Today show. Sure that played into her current CBS job.

Lots of memories from that day came back up. I won't go through a blow by blow but some interesting thoughts came up today. I put the kids in for a nap that day and it was funny to realize that I must have done that at 9am because I was on the TV from that time on and I didn't turn it on until the kids were in their rooms. I'm sure they picked up on the high pitched energy and slept it off. They didn't wake up until Pete came home as the second tower came down around 10:30am. Also remember heading over to the school playground around the 13th so I could get out of the house. I brought my radio with me so I could keep on top of any late breaking threats. It was so quiet with no airplanes going overhead and hardly any traffic on the nearby highway. They next day Pete went back in to work we headed in to the Smithsonian Museums, which were empty. DC was deserted. I was interviewed by Voice of America but doubt I got on the air since I expressed such opposition to the bombing in Afghanistan. (bananastand)

Otherwise, we are having a nice day with nothing planned. We don't get many of these, so I'm trying to take advantage of it. We played games--Sorry, B-dimon, Uno, Scrabble. I read good things about the kids games on the Colonial Williamsburg site and they played on that for a good while. The main game is a lot like Hangman and it was fun. Now they're working together on the Shrek book on their Leapfrog. Glad they are still getting use out of that.

They are very resistant to doing any math after last year's debacle, so I'm going to wait a bit before diving into anything formal. After I finish this, they'll get out their Dr. Dreadful candy kit and the EZ bake and make some treats and we'll let the measuring count as math for today.

In older news, since it's been a while since I updated this, The Marts came to browse through the American History Museum before it closes for two years of renovation. We had been looking forward to the Muppet exhibit but it was even smaller than I had expected and it was pretty disappointing for me and, I think, all the adults. The kids had a good time though.

The VaHomeschoolers Conference went very well and I was glad I had helped out. The whole family had a great time at the museums, spent some money on new materials, hung out together and met lots of people we only knew online. There is a terrific sense of community at this conference and it was helpful to know that we are not alone. (for more on this see:

After the Conf. in Richmond, the kids and I headed down to NC to spend another week with Gma and Gpa. Unfortunately, hurricane Ernesto decided to visit as well. Turned out to be not much of a deal and we only lost one day at the beach which we spent visiting nanny at the nursing home, going to a movie (Barnyard--not as bad as I expected), and shopping.

So, with our tans freshened up, we are back to our fall "routine."

Looks like the schedule is going to be packed and I will have to try very hard to get a good amount of at-home time.

Mondays--I have be coerced into being the Brownie Leader this year, so now both Katie and I will have a Monday activity.

Tuesdays--The big day--Tae Kwon Do and Boy Scouts and once a month our coop pick up. Field Trips and Park Day also fall on Tuesdays but we will not get these in every week.

Wed--Katie's piano lesson, family yard work in the afternoon

Thurs--Tae Kwon Do and probably our weekly zoo visit. Possibly a games class at the Arlington Y, but I'm going to wait on this and see how they do after TKD.

Friday--Friday group.

Sundays--Sunday school/Church

I've also planned for us to go to Williamsburg and a play next week, an art trip and trip to Baltimore the following week, and Boo and the Zoo, a trip to Mississippi to help with hurricane relief and another play in the coming months. So, busy busy busy. All good but I have to keep my wits about me so that we use our unplanned time well.