Saturday, August 22, 2009

Catching up before hitting the Road

Haven't been very motivated to update the blog lately, but thought it would be a good idea before beginning to send updates on our road trip.

A note about the trip--we will fly out to San Francisco on 8/29 and from there go to:
Monterrey, Big Sur and San Luis Obispo
Anaheim, Los Angeles
San Diego
Palm Desert
Joshua Tree NP
Grand Canyon NP
Meteor Canyon
Petrified Forest NP
Roswell, Carlsbad Caverns
Dallas/Ft Worth
San Antonio
New Orleans
and then flying home

But now, let's travel back to June. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A fairly mellow month after all the travel in May. We hit park days, wrapped up Boy Scout and Girl Scout activities, and hung around doing nothing. Zack took his TKD belt test and is now just one test away from becoming a Black Belt. He was slotted to take the test in October, but since we will be gone for all of Sept, Master Yun is holding off so Zack will have some time to ramp up to it.

Zack attended Boy Scout Camp. Last year, he psyched himself up to go but it was canceled at the very last minute. This year, he was again nervous but had a great time, earned two merit badges and earned his tenderfoot rank. He had been considering quitting scouts before going to camp, but is now reconsidering. Since he missed a lot of summer meetings due to our travels and will also miss the Sept meetings, he agreed to return to the troop when we get back and to then decide.

We had a quiet 4th of July as Zack arrived home from camp that morning. Just set off a few fireworks and lit some sparklers. We made s'mores on the grill as a treat.

Pete was able to take a couple of days off work so we could have two full days at Hershey Park this summer. We hadn't gone in a few years and so had never seen the water park. It was terrific! Katie went on her first big roller coaster--the Comet--and loved it! Zack and Pete went on all the thrill rides, while Katie and I spent time on the less intense rides.

Zack just off "The Claw"

Katie gets a Kiss

The next weekend, we were off to LI for a not-surprise birthday party for Carrie. It was nice to see everyone and the weather was great. The traffic was, as usual, awful.

Home for a week and then off to Gma and Gpa's in NC to hit the beach! The weather cooperated fro the most part. We also took a day to take a ferry to the Aquarium at Ft Fisher and spend some time at Broadway on the Beach, first to see a magic show courtesy of Grandma and Grandpa and then the kids and I went back to play mini golf at Dragon's Lair. Katie and Zack have loved the dragon since they were toddlers--although it seems to get smaller every year ;-)

Zack at the beach

Katie looking for critters

At Dragon's Lair

August has sadly turned out to be all about doctors. 5 people in our family are dealing with medical issues and it has been pretty stressful. A planned trip back to NC for my dad's birthday turned into welcoming him back home from emergency surgery. He is on the mend and I am very grateful for that.

Also, my medical issues have turned out to be basically minor, although there will be a few more Dr. visits when we get back in Oct.

And there goes summer!