Monday, February 22, 2010


January and February were all about doctors.

I needed a breast issue checked out so saw a specialist before Christmas. She wanted an MRI in January, which led to a spot being found, which led to an MRI-led biopsy (ouch). The biopsy turned out to be in the wrong place, so she went in surgically to remove it.

Now our insurance company is questioning the MRI-led biopsy and they want a "letter of medical necessity." they think I dropped in for a biopsy on a whim? I only went because my doctor ordered it. Hello? And let me tell you, if I was going to drop that much money just for fun on breast surgery they would be way perkier looking than they are now LOL!

So, two weeks of taking it easy and not lifting anything. That was not very easy. I had no idea just how much lifting I do. Especially when 2 feet of snow falls in VA!

Just over surgery and blizzards, my high school friends Nanci and Lorraine and I were able to find a day that we could all get together. We had a wonderful day shooting the breeze and then a leisurely dinner.

At around 11pm, we headed out to our cars when Nanci said "watch out for that ice." I step over some ice, but hit the next patch and BANG fall backwards and smack my head on the ground. Quite a few minutes laying on the ground and a trip to the ER for a CT scan later, they tell me I'm fine. Three days after that, my own doctor tells me it was definitely a concussion. Ouch--again!

A day in bed, and a week of dizziness and head/neck ache, I am just now feeling back to "normal." And really ready to be done with doctors (and insurance).

However, despite spending a awful lot of money lately to confirm I am fine, I am grateful to be healthy and here.