Thursday, December 14, 2006

Holiday time

Lots of running around coming up as the holidays near.

I was up with a busy head at 5am today. Never a good idea, but I just couldn't help myself this morning!

Today is basically my last day at work on a marketing job I've been doing the past month. Lots of loose ends to wrap up and a report (and invoice-yea!) to write. I've been working since October and the kids have been very patient as I've been glued in front of my computer for hours on end.

So, today, work wrap up, Tae Kwon Do and a commitment tonight. Possibly some Christmas shopping.

Friday--Zack sees his OT, Katie has HS play practice and Zack has a b-day party that evening which we need a gift for.

Saturday--Katie has a piano recital and the HS Christmas play and party, which we need to bring food to.

Sunday--baking! And Pete's band has a show that night (


Tuesday--TKD and Scouts


Thursday--TKD belt tests

Friday--potluck TKD belt ceremony and Gma and Gpa come

Saturday--Church pageant rehearsal for Katie

Sunday--Christmas Eve!

Well, that's plenty to do but now seeing it all in one place I can see that there will be time to finish the shopping, bake the cookies, shop for and wrap the presents and buy and cook the food--oh yes, and Clean the House. Also, to watch Charlie Brown Christmas, Frosty the Snowman, The Santa Clause, and the Grinch. And to read our many Christmas books.

and then Santa will come and we will unwrap and then catch a flight to Boston to see Pete's clan.

A little sprinkle of snow wouldn't hurt either--as long as it doesn't happen on any flying days. I have my drugs all ready for the flights. :-p

Hope you are filled with the spirit of the season. Happy holidays however you choose to celebrate them.