Monday, February 10, 2014

Summertime 2013

Wow, never got around to editing this one, and now we've taken our winter get-away trip!  SO-just to get this out there, quick captions will have to do.

First--let's acknowledge that back in springtime, the  kids turned 15. And now--

Think back, if you can, to those carefree, warm days of summer 2013.......

Brooklyn--Grimaldi's pizza.  Terrific brick fired pizza.  Long hot wait outside, long wait for food inside.  Soooooo worth the wait!

Nice NYC trip for Pete's birthday.  We were supposed to travel via Bolt Bus, but when we got to Union Station I realized I had booked the trip in reverse--WHAT?! Good thing we had parked the car at the station.  Sudden change of plan and we drove. Bolt was kind enough to refund us the return trip but no go on the departure leg.  Better than nothing, which is their stated policy.  Hit the high line, Chelsea Market, Zabars (I think we hit it on this trip), Economy Candy (natch).  And some other fun stuff, below.

A bit bored on the high line.

Hawk having lunch in Central Park

Our fabulous waiter at Bossa Nova Brunch at SOBs

California for VidCon2013. Also took a side trip to San Diego. Went to the Wild Animal Park (it might be called something else now) and Old Town San Diego--where I bought more marbles at that little place I like there.

Monitor lizard at Wild Animal Park

Me and my new best friend

Observation tower.  K&Z are not impressed


The lions were sleeping right up against the glass.   Had never seen lions so close.

Lady Bug Mini!

At the Getty Center--wonderful Garden

Garden at the Getty

Rebar tree

Garden at the Getty

VidCon2013.  Lots of standing in line trying to get autographs.  The sessions were not as interesting to the kids, but they did attend some.  Wish they had attended more of the evening concerts.  LOTS of teens--more than had ever attending.  Esp teen girls.

Hank and John Green--the VlogBrothers

Shark Week Celebration--Zack got on TV!

Zack and Mythbuster Tory Belleci--Z was first in line.

Hank and John

Katie ready to hit the trade show floor

Art encouraged

Katie with two YouTube personalities whose names I've forgotten, but if you were btw 12-16, you would be impressed!
Ofcourse we lots of other great things over the summer, including the 4th of July with the Marts, the Folk Life Festival, a trip to see g'ma Jeanette in NC, a GS camping trip, friends, food and fun times....but who can remember all the details now in February? I do know that the summer went by far too quickly and we can't wait for it to return.