Friday, March 28, 2008

Cookie Monster

Remember this ABC song?


Pete was showing a bunch of old Sesame Street and Muppet Show clips to the kids. All just as funny now as then.

HERE's another good Muppet Show one.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Skating, Cali and whatever else

Looking back to figure out what I haven't mentioned here yet.

First, Katie is taking skating lessons and doing great. She went from hanging on the walls and falling all over the place to skating backwards in three lessons!

Katie on the ice
Zack has been playing more with his Heroscape set and recently built a set up using all of his pieces, including the Marvel comics set he got from the Ebel's for Christmas. It included a waterfall, lake, icecaps, rocks and grasslands. He and Pete played the "Ultimate Battle" using all the pieces and...Zack won!

Zack and the "Ultimate" battlefield

We all got our eyes checked. Pete has super-cool new specs. Zack is waiting for new specs, still just for reading but it looks like he will need them full-time at some point. Katie's eyes have actually improved, so she will stick with the same glasses until she grows out of them or needs a change. I am fine. Looks like my eyes have gone down to normal, which looks incredibly blurry to me, but is normal for everyone else. I still don't understand how people stumble around with this vision! But, even at my advanced age, no glasses for me yet.

Girl Scouts is still kicking my butt. A lot to keep track of so I can set the girls up well for getting a bronze award. I feel like it's my job to do that, but the older girls aren't especially interested and I wonder why some of them are coming sometimes. Then, on other occasions they get very excited to be there. Life with tweens!

The RV trip plans are a bit stalled (no pun intended). Pete is in the midst of helping plan the band's summer tour and I think it's too overwhelming to take on RV plans at the same time. But I'm moving along getting rid of more things on ebay, craigslist and freecycle. There's always something in the depths of a closet that needs to go!

Pete (and the band) are getting great reviews on their new album. Pete has been called "Herculean" and "Keith Moonesque" wow!

I just got back from a site visit to Palm Desert for an event I'm doing in May. It was very nice, VERY dry and an exhausting trip to round trip in three days.

View from my room in Palm Desert

We went bowling at the Fort Myer bowling alley. Had SO much fun! And cheap too. Even though it's on base, it's open to the public. I had no idea. Hoping this will become a regular rainy day activity for our Friday group. We do have to stop for a car search on the way in, but no biggie.

Gma and Gpa are on their cross country trip and we have been pinning their postcards to the wall map as we get them. Looking forward to seeing their pictures when they get back.

The kids are blowing through division in their math books, putting my advice to take time to memorize the multiplication tables or it would be hard to shame. No complaints here. Looks like we can can the CAT test next month at this rate.

Katie is going to Girl Scout sleep away camp this summer. She's nervous, but is going with a friend so agreed to give it a try. Zack will go to Boy Scout camp at the end of the summer and several boys from his troop are going. He doesn't seem nervous but I am. It's farther away than Katie's camp and boys can be tough on each other.

Going to send him to the next camp-out along and see how that goes first.

Buds are on the tree and crocuses and daffodils are blooming! Hope there is spring in the air for you too.

Katie Skating movie

Saturday, March 01, 2008


I had a comment yesterday on a post I did about homeschooling at Disney. I just think it's so funny that the commenter is "sad" for me. I'm not sad that he or she chose to stop reading and move on to read folks they do agree with. I guess they were mistaking this blog for a travel advice service (where I wouldn't expect to hear personal opinions about other subjects either). Or they are one of the many who believe they have a right to never be offended.

However, I do feel I should take responsibility to say that this site did start out as fully about what we were doing around homeschooling. Mostly to relieve my anxiety that family and friends would believe we sat around all day doing nothing.

It has changed to include whatever I'm feeling or want to talk about, such as our planned RV trip, things that piss me off, child rearing, things I find funny or interesting and, yes, a lot about homeschooling, since it is at the core of many of the things we do as a family.

I wish Anonymous had said how they found the blog, since I don't get a lot of feedback on that. But, I assume they have moved on to safe places where they will only see safe subjects taken one at a time. Okay by me.

I may not like the current administration, but I love living in a country where we don't all have to agree, or pretend to agree, with each other. I'm hoping the damage to the protections in the constitution can be mended with the next administration before we lose that right.

I hope more people will comment. But don't be "sad" for me (feel free to be honest about your anger, offense, or disagreement though, since that's far more honest). And if you don't like what you see here, I invite you to find one of the many blogs out there that will be more appealing to you. Feel free not to invite me back onto your screen. I'll be all right without you. ;-)