Friday, June 29, 2007

Mostly pictures

So, another busy month with lots going on. Katie had a spectacular wipe-out at a BS bike rodeo. We got her right back on the bike and she's fine. Big scrapes on her knees and elbows--a sign of a good summer coming!

Katie and Zack both had sleepovers for their birthdays. They went fairly well and, aside from the lack of sleep for Pete and me, were pretty low maintenance.

The girl scout sing-along on 6/9. A good time but hot out. There were about 150,000 girl scouts at the event. Katie is wearing her "swap hat." The girls make little do-dads to trade with other troops and they pin them to their hats. She loves this and traded a lot. It's a nice way to meet girls. We met some from as far away as Hawaii!

The corn, zucchini and pumpkins continue to grow. This shot is a bit dated. The corn is a good 3' high now and the stalks with the pollen are up. On the advice of Ivanna, we shook them around to try to cross-pollenate and hopefully get some real corn.

Pete and Zack went on the B Scout camping trip. Here they are, looking sleepy.

Katie had her piano recital and played her song perfectly! She looks way too grown up lately. Her teacher is going off to college next year and we'll be sorry to lose her.

We were in NY for my grandmother's funeral. It went very well. A nice service and lunch afterwards. That night we saw my good friend from childhood, Allison, and her terrific family for a pizza dinner. The next day we were off to NYC. Spent one day at the Brooklyn Museum--check it out if you have the chance, it was great and shares a parking lot with the Botanic Garden. Sadly we had no time to check out the garden, but it's a good excuse to go back. We only had 5 minutes at the NY Transit Museum, also in Brooklyn, but it was enough time to run through the real antique subway cars. (Don't let the terrible Web site turn you off, it's a great museum for kids--lots of hands-on stuff to do.)

Spent the evening in my old neighborhood at Broome and Delancy in the City. We hit Economy Candy and I couldn't resist buying a pack each of the gum and candy cigarettes. Just too evil to pass up.

Next day we spent almost entirely at the American Museum of Natural History, which features a replica of "Dum Dum" from Night at the Museum. I'm sure that section of the museum is seeing more visitors than in it's entire history.

There was also the BS Raingutter Regata right before we went to NY. Katie won first prize in the sibling race.

I got a cap on my cracked tooth-ouch and tonight Pete's band has a big gig in DC--come!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Recent events

Lots going on, so much so that I don't really have time to write things up here. SO--lists--

I was working all through May right up until the kids' birthday. While doing that:
--the kids finished up their world music class
--the kids finished up a science class
--they did more astronaut training
--Zack went camping with Pete and the Boy Scouts
--Pete went to Huntsville AL for two days
--Pete went some other place for two days
--Pete went to Salt Lake City for 5 days
--we all met in NC to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary

--the whole family went to see my nanny and say goodbye (you can see more about her here)
--a week later nanny died
--Pete went yet somewhere else for two days
--I went to Dallas for work for 5 days
--I cracked a tooth in Dallas
--we celebrated the kids' birthday with the family
--I got things ready for the end of Brownies
--Zack bridged to Webelo Scout
--Katie flew up to Junior GS
--Pete had a show with the band
--Katie and I went camping with the Girl Scouts
--Somewhere in there Piano lessons went on, Zack moved up to Blue belt in TKD, I moved up to green stripe belt in TKD, we covered 2/3s of the times tables, they learned to read cursive.

Next week is the BS bike rodeo, the Girl Scout Sing Along (why not join us if you are or ever were a GS?) and Zack has a sleepover. At some point Katie is having a sleepover and a recital, we have a trip to LI for Nanny's memorial, Pete goes to Cincinnatti and I need to get a crown on my tooth.

So, a typical month.

Here's some snaps:

Zack getting BS awards

Katie camping

Zack bridging to Webelos

Katie and a friend bridging to Juniors