Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Digs at kids during the holidays

I often say that parenting is the hardest job I've ever done.  It has also been the most rewarding, but sometimes the rewards lag behind the work.  I know this.

I also like my alone time. Not as much as some friends and family, but I do need time to myself and appreciate some peace and quiet. I do.

And I have average kids. Sometimes loud. Sometimes VERY LOUD. Sometimes obnoxious and mouthy. Sometimes eye-rolling. Really. I have teenagers not angels living in my house.

But what's with all the FB posts, articles, Tweets and conversations about how damn exhausting everyone's kids are just because they are home from school for a few days? Those of you with healthy typical kids--enough with the kvetching! Do you find everyone at work, on the street, in the stores or at social gatherings a treat right now? Kids are people, having all the emotional ups and downs that everyone has this time of year.

If you didn't want to spend time your kids, why did you have them? If your kids talk back to you, are brats or throw tantrums, maybe take a look at how you participated in getting them that way and work on changing you.

Take a moment to realize that you don't actually get much time with your kids. In a few years they will be holed up in their rooms with the headphones on.  Their friends will be way more important than you are. Then they will be off to their adult lives and you will take even more of a back seat.

So please, consider S-ingTFU. Loud is part of the job. Busy is part of the job. Loss of sleep is part of the job. Arguing, lying, breaking the rules, talking back--it is what they are supposed to be doing.  You're the adult, remember.  You signed up for this.

Do the self care you need to. Ask for the help you need. Get a babysitter and go out on a date with your co-parent or BFF as often as you can. Take care of yourself and please do stand up for yourself when your kids give you shit.

Just stop bitching in public about them, ok? Save it for close friends.  Save it for when you're really having problems figuring out this parenting thing. No it's not easy. It's parenting. Try to enjoy it..

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